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Revitalize with Nature's Harmony: Ronaldo Biotech - where Ayurveda Meets Technology

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Eureka green granules
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Revitalize with Nature's Harmony: Ronaldo Biotech - Where Ayurveda Meets Technology.

Anurag Gupta Founder & Director

About Us

Our company, Ronaldo Biotech, was born out of a deep-rooted family tradition of using kadha, a traditional Ayurvedic herbal concoction, for various health concerns. My grandfather, a highly respected Ayurvedic physician, would prepare kadha at home for his patients. Inspired by his knowledge and expertise, my father, an Ayurvedic professor, also used kadha to address his own skin condition.

However, we recognized that the bitterness of kadha made it challenging for many people to consume regularly. As a fitness enthusiast who personally struggled with weight management, I saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between Ayurveda and modern preferences. I aimed to create a product that would make kadha more enjoyable and accessible to the general public.

Driven by a passion to combine Ayurveda with modern technology, we embarked on an extensive journey of research and consultations. Eventually, we discovered a way to convert the traditional liquid form of kadha into micro granules and tea bags, resulting in a breakthrough innovation. This pivotal development led to the establishment of our company, Ronaldo Biotech.

Anurag Gupta

Founder & Director

Best Selling Products

Eureka green granules


INR 485 /- Only

Eureka Green tea can assist persons with diabetes in regulating their blood sugar levels. Green tea consumption is connected with lower fasting glucose levels and lower fasting insulin levels, which are used to assess diabetic health. It also acts as a hemoglobin enrichment agent.

Blendfit granules for weight loss


INR 485 /- Only

Blend Fit Green tea can mobilize fat from fat cells to burn fat, and has been linked to reducing belly fat and improving fat burning, and speeding up metabolism. Antioxidants included in green tea can also promote brain function, lower blood sugar, and protect the heart.

Our Happy Clients!

"This instant Ayurvedic Kadha product has become an essential part of my daily routine. Its smooth and soothing flavor instantly relaxes me. They have created granules from the extract of the ayurvedic ingredients."
Rahul Sharma
"I've tried many green tea brands, but this is breaking stereotypes one stands out. The aroma and taste are incredible, and it leaves me feeling refreshed and revitalized. Definitely a must-try! Their recipes are inspired from carak samhita nd shusruta samhita"
Geeta Thakur
"The quality of this green tea is exceptional. Each sip is a moment of tranquility and wellness. It has become my go-to choice for relaxation and self-care"​
Kunal Agarwal

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