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About Us

We provide Ayurvedic green tea products. Our unique blends combine the health benefits of green tea with Ayurvedic herbs and natural ingredients. Our carefully curated formulas aim to support various aspects of well-being, such as metabolism, digestion, immunity, skin allergy, and stress relief.

Who Are We?

Our company, Ronaldo Biotech, was born out of a deep-rooted family tradition of using kadha, a traditional Ayurvedic herbal concoction, for various health concerns. My grandfather, a highly respected Ayurvedic physician, would prepare kadha at home for his patients. Inspired by his knowledge and expertise, my father, an Ayurvedic professor, also used kadha to address his own skin condition.

However, we recognized that the bitterness of kadha made it challenging for many people to consume regularly. As a fitness enthusiast who personally struggled with weight management, I saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between Ayurveda and modern preferences. I aimed to create a product that would make kadha more enjoyable and accessible to the general public.

Driven by a passion to combine Ayurveda with modern technology, we embarked on an extensive journey of research and consultations. Eventually, we discovered a way to convert the traditional liquid form of kadha into micro granules and tea bags, resulting in a breakthrough innovation. This pivotal development led to the establishment of our company, Ronaldo Biotech.

Anurag Gupta

Founder & Director
Anurag Gupta Founder & Director

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide individuals with the benefits of Ayurveda in a more palatable and convenient format. By transforming kadha into micro granules and tea bags, we aim to make it easier for people to incorporate this traditional remedy into their daily lives. We strive to uphold the wisdom of Ayurveda while catering to modern preferences and enhancing accessibility for a wider audience.

Our Vision

At Ronaldo Biotech, our vision is to become the leading global Ayurvedic brand that addresses the health concerns of the masses. As a genuine Ayurvedic brand, we are committed to providing products that are rooted in Ayurvedic recipes and ancient texts. We prioritize the use of natural ingredients and ensure that our products are free from chemicals or preservatives..

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